Share how your day’s been ‘Gavin Mikhail’, you ask? (well… Facebook asks in the status update box. So friendly… so personal-like… :))

Fabulous, Facebook. Just outstanding. New tracks and damn proud of ‘em. :)

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Jocelyn and I teamed up on these, and as usual, truly blown away by the power in her voice. Hope you like the tracks, and thanks for listening. More songs (as well as an overall update) sooooon…………



Ok… So, after several months with no new music and 2 weeks of virtual radio silence, am I, in fact, still alive?

Mmmmm… yes, yes I am.

And, during that time, have Jocelyn and I both been busy cranking out new songs?

Yes, yes we have.

And, am I gonna hit you with a long-winded blog about the new tracks?

Mmmmmm… no, no I’m not. :)

There’s a time for long blogs (and for sure there’ll be more of those in the future :)… but for now… let’s just listen to some music, shall we?

Links below.




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Ok, first off… thank you so much for all the birthday well-wishes yesterday. As always, you’re too kind… Was fortunate enough to spend it with my cousin, his wife, and kids down here in sunny (albeit cold) Destin, and for not having seen them in over 7 years… gotta say… seriously good times.

Anyway, I’d PLANNED on getting both Jocelyn’s as well as my own new tracks out to you this week, but as I’m currently on vacation (and let’s be honest here… don’t usually separate my music life from personal life as well as I should :))… for a change, I figured I’d just… enjoy it. Novel concept, I know. :)

That said, I SWEAR ON MY LIFE you’ll be getting new music as soon as I’m back, and in the MEANTIME… wanted to throw something else out to you. Over the past several months, Jocelyn and I have kicked around trying to tour together at some point, and although it’s by no means a definite yet, it’d be great to get your feedback. If you have a free minute, I added Eventful’s new Demand It app to my page (thanks, Holly!), and you can vote for your hometown there. Please do, and who knows… maybe we’ll get to meet in person someday soon?



ps – not for nothin’, sunset over the ocean + wine + sushi dinner + …..kids in bed asleep… = happy. :)


Ok, first off… how the hell are ya? Feel like we haven’t really talked for awhile… (translation: I know I’ve been a massive douche and completely out-of-touch recently… thanks for bearing with me :))

That said…. two quick things for ya. First, I updated my Spotify app today, and they did a complete overhaul of the functionality. Now USUALLY… that wouldn’t be any big thing. But for the first time ever, at the top of the page, they show the number of ‘followers’ for any given artist/playlist, etc. And, glancing at my page, I gotta say… blown away. How many followers you ask?


Yeah… not lying when I say I’m truly stunned by your support. Don’t get me wrong, I love Spotify and would assume many of you use it as much as I do… but I had NO IDEA that many of you were actually subscribed to my page and waiting on new music. Seriously… THANK YOU.

Ok… happy fun times for me aside… new music for ya!! Been meaning to announce this one for several days now… New album on Jocelyn – she and I teamed up on songs by James Arthur, Cher Lloyd, Little Mix, etc. As always, I’m such a fan of her voice and hope her performances speak to you as much as they do to me…

iTUNES – http://bit.ly/oath_gmp_itunes

SPOTIFY - http://bit.ly/oath_gmp_spotify

AMAZON - http://bit.ly/oath_gmp_amazon

Thank you so much for listening, and I promise….. more new music soon! (’cause god forbid I put something new out with me singing… realized yesterday it’s been since November that I released the Carry On record… oy… http://bit.ly/co_spotify)

Thanks again for everything.



Good lord…. I’m so sorry I’ve been beyond absent lately. Lots going on, and if I suck at anything, it’s keeping up with social networking when my OCD mind is focused on a task at hand. :) (not for nothin’, if you’re someone who’s as obsessive as I, you understand… and yeah… good on ya. :))

Anyway, I promise there’s new music in the works, and I sincerely hope you’ve been doing well. As I said to a close friend today… I truly believe that happiness comes from figuring out what you want your life to look like. Not what job you hold or what hobbies you might define yourself by… but what you want your day to day to look like. And, long ago… I hoped for my life to look like… what it is right now. I’m sure I don’t say it enough, but dayamn… thank you so much for granting me that.

One of these days, we’ll meet in person, and you’ll see just how serious I am when I say that.


ps – on a lighter note… Anheuser Busch got sued today for their beer being watered down. Shocking, I know… ‘Cause Bud Light always tasted just so… rich and filling, didn’t it? :)


So, yeah… working on a version of this song as we speak…


Thanks for the suggestion, and I promise… new music soon!!!

(and thanks for being patient with me of late :))



So, I spoke with a close friend today… in a nutshell, she’s had a pretty rough run of it recently. Starting to question her purpose… what she really wants from life… is she actually making a difference… (as we’ve all done at one point or another in our own lives, no?) Anyway, it got me thinking how, all too often, we fall into the trap of defining our success (or lack thereof) by established norms. I.e. – I’ve always been told that a ________ (insert your chosen career here) does it THIS way… and that if I don’t choose to do it the same way… I’m somehow failing. But, in reality, every job in existence has a million shades of ‘how it’s done’ and even beyond that… for every defined job that exists, there are a million that haven’t even been invented yet. Case and point, twenty years ago, ‘Director Of New Media’ wasn’t around. Now, it’s a position at every entertainment, communications, and government organization on the planet.

Point to all this being… try not to define (or worse yet, judge) yourself by those who’ve come before. Just because an engineer or psychologist or writer or artist typically operates according to some predetermined playbook doesn’t mean you have to. And, if instead, you go out and forge your own path, who knows… maybe you’ll wind up being the one to write that playbook for generations to come.



So, during the ‘we don’t have power’ superbowl break, let me just say… the over-under on Alicia Keys singing the national anthem was 1.42. Being a sure-of-myself musician, I bet $20 and went with 2.22. Why, you ask? Because she’s a pianist (i.e. she’s gonna play it slower/more emotive… not sure how I know that… :)), and let’s face it… she’s known to go for vocal gymnastics.

So, yeah. I thought my bet was strong, and quite frankly, was sure I had a lock. But, in an unexpected turn of events, our sports-writer friend Tom won with 2.37. 2 effing 37. How long did Alicia go? 2.40. How that’s possible, I have no idea, but yeah… I lost. And, what have I learned from this?

Slower and more emotive is better. It just is. You win bets and win hearts.

Gotta work on that. :)



So, yeah. Jusssst…. heard the best compliment ever.

‘Mr. Mikhail…’ (we’re watching our friends’ kids for the night)… ‘you’re really………. kind of a weird dad.’

(Oy. Brilliant. :))

Yes. Yes, I am. And, should you be ‘weird’ (apparently, like me)… good on ya. Normal = boring.




I’m sorry… gotta say… I effing love this track.

The satire is brilliant, and it’s #1 on Billboard this week. Independent. Yeah… inspiring.


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